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December is always a funny month, isn’t it? It starts with 3 weeks of complete chaos as we try to finalise PowerPoints and pay bills and sort out presents and cram an entire year’s worth of socialising into a mere few weeks (catch-ups on Dec 28 just don’t have the same effect as the caring “you’re one of my special people” catch-ups before Christmas). No wonder everyone is so much looking forward to Christmas Eve when we finally get a chance to do what we’ve been waiting for for a whole year: sit back, relax and enjoy some good quality time (and food!) with our loved ones. I love Christmas. I really do. But sometimes I do wonder if all this craziness is really worth it. And every year, I come to the same conclusion, as I chill out next to the Christmas tree, listening to Christmas carols and smelling the heavily scented cinnamon & orange candles in the house: TOTALLY!

Decorating the house is one of my favourite things about the holidays and judging by Alfie’s reaction, he finds it pretty fun as well:

Alfie of the jungleDSC03946

No one can see me. Definitely! DSC03949

Loving my new toyDSC03973

To attack or not to attack. That is the questionDSC03987

Come on, take that bloody picture already, I’ve been waiting for my treat for over 17 seconds now! DSC03998

Just chillin’ in da treeDSC04005

So what if it’s only the 23rd? I want my presents NOW! DSC04023

Meowy Christmas everyone!! Hope you have a wonderful one!

Meowy Christmas