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Hi everyone,

This is my 100th blog post. So celebrate this I thought I would do something a bit more special and write an open (love) letter to my inspiration for this blog, my adorable cat Alfie.

You’d better get yourself some wine – this blog post is about to get cheesy! (hope you’ll enjoy it nevertheless)

Oana and Alfie the cat

1. I love the way you come on our bed after we turn the light off and cuddle and purr and airbox while I tickle your tummy

2. I love how you follow me around everywhere

3. I love how you ALWAYS come over when I call you, even if you’re outside in our neighbour’s tree (ok, I know it’s for the treats really, but still!)

4. I love how you “talk” back to me

5. I love to watch you drink water from the water fountain (even after all this time, I’m fascinated by it)

6. I love how you ALWAYS come to greet me when I come home

7. I love how you wiggle your bum before you pounce

8. I love it when you come really close to my face and our noses touch

9. I love it when you do a little meow while I tickle your tummy

10. I love how easygoing you are. Like that one time when we drove from Amsterdam to London and you had to stay in a carrier for 8h, you didn’t complain even once. Or when we moved houses and instead of hiding under the bed for days like some cats do, you just went on and inspected all the cupboards and window sills and every nook and cranny of the new house and then fell asleep on top of the tallest moving boxes.


What do YOU love about your cat? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to find out.