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Looking through my cupboard this morning I realised something slightly worrying interesting. I have not 1, not 2, but 11 varieties of cat treats waiting to be tried out. So I thought – why not try them out at the same time? And see which one Alfie prefers. To make the competition even more serious, I threw in some of his favourite human food treats as well.

All treats lined up nervously waiting for the moment of truth:

cat treats 2

From left to right, we have: popcorn, Yarrah Organic Chew Sticks, Good Girl Catnip Biscuits, Cosma Snackies – Freeze-dried Duck Cat Snacks, ham, Lily’s Kitchen Crunchy Nibbles for Cats, Good Girl Catnip drops, Dokas Chicken & Cheese Sandwich, cheese, Cosma Snackies – Freeze-dried Duck & Liver Cat Snacks, Good Girl Milk Drops, Vet’s Kitchen Little Hearts – Crunchy Chicken & Duck, Science Plan Optimal Care Cat food (his regular food), tuna, Gimpet MilkBits, and Tigeria Lucky Grass:

Cat treats

And the winner is…

1. Yarrah Organic Chew Sticks

2. Dokas Chicken & Cheese Sandwich

3. Ham

After these first three, he turned into a cat treats vacuum cleaner, and ate them in the order they were lined up.

The conclusion? Alfie will eat any treats! As long as it’s food, he won’t be fussy. And if your cat is like him, it’s really up to you to choose the best for them.

But what is best? According to Dr. Karen Becker the best cat treat is 100% dehydrated meat as it doesn’t have any nasty carbohydrates, fats or sugars. You may think that treats’ quality doesn’t really matter as it’s such a small amount, but cats’ livers are way smaller than humans’ and toxins do add up so you really need to pay attention to everything they eat.

Hope you found this useful (or at least funny). Please let me know in the comments what your cat’s favourite treat is. I’m always on the lookout for new treats for Alfie 😉