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At what point does wishing people Happy New Year stop being nice and start being a little bit lame? Personally, I think it would be around mid January. So with the risk of being borderline lame, let me wish you a Purrfect and Pawsome New Year!

Now back to business. I’ve been meaning to make a “favourites” kind of post for ages now. Yet for whatever reason I never did. Until now. So, ladies and gentlemen, this is it. The best of the best cat things in 2013 (in Alfie’s very-fussy-and-not-humble-at-all opinion):

Alfie’s favourite cat toy in 2013:

The Tunnel – this is one of Alfie’s oldest toys, and definitely one of his most loved. Even after all these years, he still loves it. He hides in it, pounces into it, and runs through it when we chase around the house.

Alfie the cat in the tunnel


Alfie’s favourite place in 2013:

The garden – this deserves its own blog post, but 2013 has been the year when he enjoyed the outdoors for the first time.

Alfie the cat in the garden


Alfie’s favourite sleeping place in 2013:

His cat tree – this wasn’t cheap. But I can happily say it’s been worth every penny, as Alfie spends at least 2-3h on it every day.

Alfie the cat on his tree


Alfie’s favourite cat food in 2013:

Schesir tuna wet food – Alfie’s favourite activity is eating. By far! And while he doesn’t mind the chicken or the salmon, he ABSOLUTELY LOVES his tuna. Tuna days = happy days!

Schesir tuna


Alfie’s favourite cat treat in 2013:

Good Girl Yummy Milk Drops – I think he could/would eat ONLY this for his whole life if I let him

Good Girl Yummy Cat Milk Treats


Alfie’s favourite human food in 2013:

Popcorn – he loves loves loves popcorn. But then again, who doesn’t love popcorn?!



Alfie’s favourite hiding place in 2013:

The closet – this has been his favourite getaway hideaway in 2013.

Alfie the cat  in the closet


Alfie’s favourite extreme sport in 2013:

Chasing bees – this “fun” activity ended up with an emergency visit to the vet. Yet, 2h after coming back, guess what he was doing?! Yup, chasing bees again…

Alfie the cat chasing bees

Do you like this kind of posts? If you do, please let me know in the comments below and I might start doing them more often.