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Oh. My. God!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my Secret Santa Card. I may be a little subjective here, but isn’t this the best card in the world? I think it’s hilarious, adorable and very accurate: Alfie thinking about… himself! Well done, Secret Santa 😉

Cat Christmas Card

And since everyone’s in such a Xmas mood, I thought I would share with you something I spotted in my last visit in Tesco (very glamorous, I know!). They’ve got a nice selection of pet treats, in cute Christmas packaging:

Cat Treats

I really wish they made these advent calendars for cats as well. Such a great idea!

Dog Advent Calendar

Of course I couldn’t help myself and bought something for Alfie (shhh don’t tell him). It came down to these two. And although I think the Whiskas packaging is cuter (and safer!) I went for the Good Girl stocking, as 1. Alfie absolutely loves their milk drops 2. they don’t use any animal derivatives

Cat Treat Stocking

Cat Treat Christmas Stocking

Are you buying your pet(s) any Xmas presents?