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Hello! My name is Oana and I have a problem.

When it comes to shopping, I find it impossible very difficult to limit the amount of stuff I buy. This is true in general, but I am particularly bad when it’s about (cat) food shopping. Now before you judge, I do have an excuse. Buying in bulk is obviously cheaper. Plus, just as I wouldn’t like to have the same food for dinner all the time, I’m pretty sure Alfie would get bored of having chicken every day of every month of every season. So actually, I’m not sure if this “problem” is embarrassing or actually makes me quite savvy.

In any case, it looks like Alfie’s pretty happy with the result:

DSC02853 DSC02858 DSC02864

Hope you’re all having a great Sunday!

P.S. as I unpacked the moving boxes, look what I found. I guess I don’t have to mention what was in this box (hint: CAT F**D)