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Let’s say you were doing something (e.g. blogging) pretty regularly for about a year and a half. Then, all of a sudden, you stop for a bit (ok, it’s been six months, so I guess you can’t really call that “a bit”, unless you’re a turtle and live 200 years). Why is it so bloody difficult to start again? Habits… funny little things, aren’t they?

I guess the reason I stopped blogging is because it’s something I do at home, when I’m most relaxed. And let me tell you something… this move to London was anything but relaxed! More to come later, but it took a few good months to fully feel at home here. But I’m back. And what better day to come back then on my 2 year WordPress anniversary (yay!).

Anyone still around? Come say hi 🙂

P.S. here’s a little preview from my next blog post