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When normal people move houses, they get a few boxes, a couple of suitcases, pack their stuff and GO!

Me, on the other hand… a whole new story. My move will involve 50 boxes (that zero is not a typo!), 3 rounds (my junk stuff by van, my cat by car, myself by plane) and 2 people (Mr. Van Driver & my dad – thanks Dad!).

In order to make sure the Queen of England has no objections for the King of Fluff to come to her kingdom, some preparations were in order.

English Fluff

(Picture credit: my lovely boyfriend)

Besides English-izing Alfie’s appearance, some additional things had to be taken care of. The official checklist for taking cats to the UK (from the EU) mentions these things:

* Step 1 – Have your cat microchipped.

* Step 2 – Have your cat vaccinated against rabies. The length of the waiting period before entry to the UK is 21 days after the vaccination date.

* Step 3 – Get your cat an EU passport.

For more details and the requirements for non-EU countries, check out the info on the DEFRA website link>>.

Alfie’s already got a chip and a passport (how could a purrfect cat NOT have those already?!) and we took him for the rabies vaccination back in January.

So we’re all set! Queen of England, get ready for the King of Fluff!