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Can’t believe how fast January went by. I don’t mind though, since I can’t wait for it to be spring.

These are the cat-related stories that caught my attention in January. Enjoy!

THE WEIRD – The Woman That Eats Cat Hair

Meet The Real Crazy Cat Lady: Lisa is a 43-year-old woman from Detroit who eats cat hair. She even became addicted to it and cannot go for longer than 2 hours without it. You may find this strange, but to her, it’s a true bonding and relaxing experience. Next time someone calls me a crazy cat lady I’ll just show them this video:

THE CRAZY – Bike Riding Cat

Forget about a cat carrier, forget even about a basket… just pop your cat on the back of your bike and go!

THE UNBELIEVABLE – Cat Travels 200 Miles to Return to Owners and Baffle Scientists

This is a true example of cat-determination. Holly the house cat disappeared from her owners’ vacation house, but returned home after a 2-month, 200-miles trip. Although no one can really explain how she managed such an incredible achievement, her owners are for sure happy to have her back.

THE FANCY – Blue Star Jets ‘FURst Class Service’

Blue Star launched a hyper-luxury FURst class pet travel service. The flight attendants love pets, have canine and cat culinary skills and are well trained in all safety measures. Alfie, this is how you’re going to London. Deal?

FURst class service

THE I-wish-Alfie-would-do-this – Is this the smartest cat alive?

How impressive is this?

Have a great week everyone!