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After weeks of online searching and endless viewings, we have finally found the Perfect Flat. It was large enough to keep all my unnecessary “stuffs” (as my Italian friend likes to call them). It had a soul. And a park view. And everything in it was brand new. So we made an offer. We even agreed on the moving in date. And we were sooo happy. I was already browsing the IKEA catalog when Andy called to tell me the Bad News: the landlord “does not want any animals in his new flat”.

Well let me tell you something Mister. Alfie IS NOT AN ANIMAL! He is a fluffy, affectionate and funny little guy. The fluffy little guy that makes our house feel like home. HOW EVEN DARE YOU SUGGEST WE LEAVE HIM BEHIND??? You soulless person?

Oana and Alfie the cat

What may have seemed like the perfect flat initially, was in fact anything but. A flat isn’t perfect without our purrfect cat. So here we are, continuing our quest to find the Perfect Flat for our Purrfect Cat. Wish us Good Luck πŸ™‚