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I think I have a cat-toy buying addiction… and I love it! There’s hardly any visit to the cat shop that does not end up in at least one new toy for Alfie.

I was tidying up the other day and realized just how many mice he’s got. Go on, have a guess…

Alfie the cat and 21 mice

7? 10? 17? Nope. 20! Alfie’s got more mice than I have shoes. Yup.

And talking about mice,ย what do you think Cat Heaven looks like? I imagine endless supplies of tuna and cheese treats and cat trees and tunnels and scratching posts and never ending bags to investigate and keyboards to sit on and enticing catnip fragrance in the air…

Have aย heavenly weekend everyone


P.S. Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post! ๐Ÿ™‚