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Can’t believe it’s already Christmas! When did the last 23 days happen?

Flying back home for Xmas (home = Romania/Transylvania) I was thinking how peaceful airplane rides make me feel, probably thanks to the lack of Internet (no pressure to keep up with all the tweets, links, blogs, vlogs and Facebook updates), coupled with the fact that it’s always sunny! I mean seriously, don’t you just love that about flying?

Anyways, back to the point of this post. I wanted to share with you what I got Alfie for Christmas…


… wet and dry cat food (chicken and lamb – he’s never had lamb before, but hopefully he will like it), loads of cat treats, cat toys: balls, mice, and a Xmas themed dangling thingy with jingle bells (yes, I’m probably more excited about this than Alfie is – sad, I know!). Oh, the Xmas tree and the Xmas bell are for my friends’ very adorable dogs, Luna and Bella. Luna already seems to love her present:


Of course Alfie couldn’t wait and HAD to check out everything the moment I got home.

And boy, he checked it thoroughly, because in the 3 minutes between setting the stuff for the picture and getting my camera this happened…


The joys of having a Birman… are all Birmans little fluff eating machines? Alfie would seriously spend whole day eating if he could.

Wish you a wonderful Christmas and a purrfect New Year! xoxo