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I really wish the rain would stop. I know it’s autumn and all, but after a whole weekend of rain, I have pretty much forgotten what sunshine looks like. I’m looking forward to Summer 2013 already! But, I can only dream…

The topic I’m writing about today is Alfie’s worst ever experience, i.e. getting into the cat carrier. This is something that he was rather forced to do, rather than something he did on his own. And mind you, it involved A LOT of scratching (of me, Andy, or the Cat Hotel lady), growling and fighting. 

It was usually pretty bad, and the food trick worked only for the first couple of times. Once Alfie figured out what was happening he just refused to go in, despite the treats waiting for him inside. The record for the longest time it took to get him in is 30 minutes!

It’s supposed to take 3 easy steps: 1. Place the carrier on its end, opening facing the ceiling. Pick up the cat with one hand placed under its front legs and the other hand supporting its bottom. 2. Tilt the cat so that when its torso is released, it can only go into the cage. 3. Close the door and secure the latch.

 I guess these people never met Alfie, because this did not work.

Last time was particularly bad. After a couple of failed attempts (I never realized just how strong Alfie is), everyone got stressed, especially Alfie. And trying to put him in the cat carrier is difficult enough when he’s calm, let alone when he’s freaking out. The time pressure of trying to get to the vet in 15 mins also did not help. In the end, Andy managed to shove him in, but I still remember Alfie crying like he’s never cried before and Andy’s hand covered in deep scratches.

After thinking about what I could do to improve Alfie’s experience, I came up with the idea of getting a bigger cat carrier. So I went to the cat shop the next weekend and got the biggest one they had. And… it worked, thank God! The moment I came home, he jumped into the thing and stayed there for ages. How’s that for a change? And that’s when I realized that it wasn’t that he hated cat carriers, he just hated that small one we had since he was a kitten.

Who would have thought that the way to get Alfie to go in the cat carrier by himself is simply to get a bigger one?

How do you get your cat in the cat carrier?