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Andy made a pretty big mistake this morning: he lent me his card to go and get some food supplies for Alfie. Needless to say, it was not a very smart decision…

From left to right.

* Tinsel toy on a stick (€2.95)

* Cheese balls treats (€1.99)- Alfie goes crazy for these

* Matatabi cat chew sticks (€3.29) – They’re supposed to make cats high… or something. I got these for Alfie before and he loved them so much, he chewed them until they became too dangerous to chew

* Mouse toy (€1.40)- OK, this one was for me more, I just loved its design. Pretty sure Alfie couldn’t care less if it was all white.

* 2 Cat stick treats (€0.99) – a day one (Fitness) and a night one (Dental care). Honestly, I think both are the same, and neither are healthy nor good for his teeth, but you know what? It’s Sunday, so I think that a little bit of junk food is allowed 🙂

* Wiggle worm (€4.95) –  The sales pitch read like this “floppy material adds movement and is fun to carry. Massages gums. Infused with catnip to attract the cat’s interest”. We’ll see about that…

* Schesir cat food (€19.55) – various kinds: chicken, tuna, salmon, …

* Sample of dry cat food – this seems to be his favourite thing out of everything since he started chewing the bag the moment I put it on the floor

I have to admit – and this is a bit sad – that I just like looking at them all lined up.

Given that I’ve gone a little bit crazy, this will probably be the last time Andy lends me his card, so my next Alfie hauls should be less extravagant.  

Before I leave, I also wanted to share with you some tips & tricks for each cat age stage that were printed on the back of the Wiggly worm, as I thgouht they were pretty interesting:

Have an amazing week everyone!