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Pfff… you cannot imagine how annoyed I was when Andy came back from the vet (he took Alfie for his annual vaccination) and told me this: “the vet said we should give Alfie wet food only once per week!”.  WHAT?!?!  First of all, wet food is way  better than dry food. Second,  if you give your cat wet food only once a week, it will most likely upset their stomach. Changing food gradually (especially dry->wet) is the nr. 1 rule of cat nutrition. Here’s the link to my extensive post about the good, the bad and the ugly of cat food. I feed Alfie the best food I could find (>70% pure meat, mostly wet food). So what exactly Mr. Vet, is wrong about that? 

As if that was not bad enough, he even dared to give Alfie a less than perfect score for “nutritional condition”.  How ridiculous is that? I really wish I was the one with Alfie that day – I would have given him a cat nutrition lesson right there and then! Aaaargh!!! 

Did you ever disagree with your vet?