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Here’s my problem with going on holidays (I must be the first person in the world who associated holidays with problems): I cannot take Alfie with me. Most of the times I get over it, and deal with missing him quite well – but there are exceptional occasions when I just can’t seem to let it go. Here are a few of my secret Missing Alfie remedies:

* Skyping him. Conversation topics: fluffiness of his fur, how he is enjoying the unlimited VIP pass (Andy, my boyfriend, lets him sleep in the bedroom all the time when I’m away), and complaints about the food timing inconsistencies (Andy is not exactly following my indications of Alfie meal times)

 * Skype-cuddling him. How does it work? I ask Andy to cuddle him like I would: “tickle his tummy”, “scratch him behind his ear”, …

* Find out he’s ok. Anxiety makes me miss Alfie even more. So I always like to check Alfie’s ok while I’m away, especially if he’s staying with a friend or at the cat hotel (check out my post about the Cat Hotel here).

 * Browse through old pics and videos of him on my phone/iPad. I’ve rediscovered some really sweet and funny ones from when we was only a few months old.

 * Think about all the funny little things he does. Like when he goes in the shower while it’s still wet and gets his paws completely wet, then tries to lick them dry. Or when he sneaked and had some of my yoghurt and got it all over his mouth.

 * Buy him a little cat-safe toy souvenir.

What do you do when you miss your pet?