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… And what better reason to share some pics from my Romanian holiday than this?

1. The tastiest and biggest tomatoes in the world – my grandparents’ ones from their garden

2. The most beautiful road in Europe

3. Hiking in the Romanian Fagaras mountains

4. I wonder how did that cat get up there?

5. Romanian style lunch aka The 5 Course Meal – I wish I was able to eat non stop for 3 days and then not eat anything for the next 3 – just so I can fully take advantage of this feast while I’m home!

6. Romanian mountain villager

7. Alfie’s present from my holidays (just kidding!). Our neighbour’s cat left us this present in front of our house – he must really like us, as this is the ultimate sign of love in the cat-world.

8. My fave summer drink: Lemonade with sparkling water and honey

9. Cat hidden in my grandparents’ garden

10. Romanian Fagaras Mountains

11. Balea Lake

12. Dried Romanian sausages


This was not exactly a cat related post, hope you don’t mind.  But I just had to show you my amazing country – Romania – and why it’s definitely worth visiting.

Alfie’s going to make an appearance in the next blog post – I promise 🙂