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We had a little event at work the other day to celebrate the launch of our latest Male Grooming product. Among cupcakes and champagne, we also had a photo booth where you could get your picture taken wearing various moustache styles. And what does a cat blogger think when they see all those fake moustaches? How funny would Alfie look in those?? So guess what I brought home? Oh, yes, you’re absolutely right. Thank you lovely colleagues for letting me borrow your props.

What was a somewhat simple idea, became mission impossible to execute. It’s difficult enough to get a picture of Alfie without any props (he’s quite camera-shy and refuses to stay still or look at the camera unless I use The Treat Trick). But trying to take pictures using props that Alfie mistakes for toys? IMPOSSIBLE, people, IMPOSSIBLE! Despite this inconvenience, I have to say I am quite pleased with how they turned out:

* Alfie’s Handlebars

* Alfie’s Goatee

* Alfie’s Dali

*Alfie’s Viking Moustache

Which is your favourite?