… And the award for the longest blog post title ever goes to… today’s blog post. Thank you, thank you! Now back to business 🙂

In one of my earliest posts (link>>), I shared with you a mini-list of reasons why I chose to have a Birman. You might wonder now to what extent Alfie actually is like that, because you know what, with cats, as with people, what you see (or read, in this case) is not always what you get. So, let’s see if Alfie lives up to the Birman hype…

* “Birmans are affectionate and sweet natured” – Yes, yes, yes! Alfie really is very affectionate. He loves sitting on Andy’s chest and treadle while purring loudly while Andy rubs his tummy. It’s their little morning routine.

* “Birmans are people oriented cats. They are always pleased to see you and they love following you around.” – Oh, so true! Alfie ALWAYS follows me around the house, even if I’m only going downstairs to get my phone. He always wants to know where I am, and what I’m doing, which brings me to the next one:

* “Birmans are extremely inquisitive” – Definitely! Alfie is seriously the most curious cat ever. He ALWAYS needs to check things out, be it grocery bags or my guests’ shoes. Anything new has to be explored:

* “Birmans are dog-cats” – No! Actually, yes… sometimes at least. I’ve never had a dog, but I think Alfie does act like one sometimes: always runs to the door when he hears my key in the lock, then waits for me at the door meowing, sleeps outside our bedroom door (ready to come in the second we unlock the door), and sometimes plays fetch. I even managed to teach him a trick (check out the video here>> ).

* “Birmans hold conversations with you”- Yup, that’s him again! I love our little talks when I ask him silly things and he never fails to answer with a shorter meow (yes!) or longer one (no! or maybe!). 

* “Birmans are friendly and playfully outgoing” – Hm… not too sure about this one. He is not really THAT friendly, especially not with people he’s never met. He’s not the kind of cat that comes over to headbutt you and rub his face against your feet. Also, he is quite playful, but he also loves chilling out on his throne.

* Birmans have wonderful purr machinery. Picking up your Birman or a pat on the head will mostly start the purr running. Some Birmans like to sit beside you and will purr softly for hours.” – Aha, yes again! It really takes the tiniest little bit of attention to get Alfie purring. He’s got the most calming purr ever. Soooo relaxing! Love it!

*”Birmans are easy to groom, brushing once a week is enough”- Gotta disagree on this one. He won’t let me brush his tummy, so his belly fur mats like crazy and it takes patience (which I don’t have) to catch him in a relaxed enough mood to cut the mats.

*Birmans love to help with all household tasks and it is not unusual to find them in the ironing basket when you are ironing” – or may I add sitting on the laptop when you are working or try to chew your pen when you are writing. Yes, I recognize this one as well!

So, let’s see… he scored 7.5 out of 9. He’s definitely a true Birman!

What is your cat like? Very curious to see your replies 🙂