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How about this? Every month, I’ll share with you my pick of the top cat-related news stories of the past month. Deal? Deal!

Ok, so here are my fave cat-news of July:

* Cat videos get their own festival     link>>

The first ever Internet Cat Video Film Festival will take place on August 30 at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis. You can still nominate your favorite video until the end of July. Some might find this a bit of a crazy idea, but all I can say is it was about time.

* Top 30 cat videos on YouTube     link>>

You must have seen at least some of these already, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching them again. Which are your favorites? I love the Surprised Kitty (#3) – of course!, Cat Mum Hugs Baby Kitten (#6) and Kitten Dance (#32).

* Cat and dogs make babies healthier     link>>

It seems that babies who grow up around pets are less likely to get sick or get allergies than babies who don’t. And if the smart-lab-people say it, then it must be true, right?

 Have a great week everyone!