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Hello everyone,

Hope you’re all having a lovely afternoon. I spent mine BBQ-ing with some friends… in the rain. Well, it was sunny to start with, but just as we were ready to start grilling, a storm started, in true Amsterdam style, so we ended up BBQ-ing under a tree…

I mentioned in my last blog post (link>> ) that I would share one of the few things I actually managed to train Alfie to do. So here it is:


I’m definitely not the best person to teach others how to train their cat, but here’s how I did it. Armed with some nice cat treats (usually cheese balls or dried fish), I would go over when he was sitting, grab his paw and say “Salut” “(“Hello” in Romanian). I would then let go, and say Bravoooo, and give him a treat. I would repeat this a 2-3 times. I tried to do it before his meal, so the food incentive was extra tempting. It took about a couple of weeks and I’m pretty happy with the result. Apparently it’s very difficult to train cats, but I think a bit of patience and some cat treats can do wonders.

Did you teach your cat any tricks? I’m looking for more tricks ideas, so please share yours in the comments below.