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So here’s are some things Mr. Fluff-Chaos is still doing, despite my never-ending efforts to teach him the opposite:

  • Think that 5.30 is an acceptable time to wake me up (more details about this in my VIP pass blog post)
  • Clean his personal parts in front of my friends
  • Steal food from the shopping bag & run away with it before I manage to put it in the fridge
  • Scratch the carpet  (remember my post about the carpet situation Link!)
  • Smell my guests’ feet (is it just Alfie, or do any other cats have a foot-fetish?)
  • Run away once he gets my attention and I go over to cuddle him
  • Chew anything and everything: my flip flops, phone charger cable, …
  • Bite my pencil whenever I try to write
  • Get affectionate right before I need to leave for work
  • Lie on my keyboard/magazine exactly when I want to start typing/reading

Next time I’ll share with you something I actually managed to train Alfie to do…

Thanks to all of you for dropping by, it really means a lot to me.