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Does your pet sleep with you in the bedroom? Alfie used to, but not any more since  he developed the Alfie Naughtiness Syndrome, a combination of “Attention-seeking Craziness”, “I’m-not-really-that-hungry-but-I-still-want-some-food Attitude” and “I-know-you’re-sleeping-but-I’m-bored-so-come-play-with-me Hyperventilation”. Symptoms: loud meowing, bed pouncing and carpet scratching.

The solution? We call it the VIP pass:

1. Lure the pet in the living room with some food. This will give you a time advantage for the next step.

2. Rush to the bedroom and close the door behind you.

3. Block the door with a heavy object (unless you have a pet-proof door)

4. Repeat for 6 days.

5. In the 7th day, skip steps 1-4 and leave the door open.

This ensures your pet will appreciate the real value of the VIP pass and behave accordingly.

What’s your strategy?