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How much time do you spend online? I must spend at least 3 hours a day, in addition to the 8-ish hours I spend at work. So yes, I guess one could say I’m addicted to the Internet. Oh, well, that’s not such a bad thing to be addicted to, right? It helps you find pretty little things you don’t need but really really want, or secretly stalk people you want to impress so you can casually drop essential topics in the conversation. Such as “I’ve always wanted to learn salsa dancing” … “oh, you’re a professional salsa dancer?” [works perfectly in combination with a genuinely surprised expression].

Back to the point of the post. During my endless & very focused (NOT!) Internet browsing sessions, I stumbled upon this: the Tagg GPS pet tracker. It is a “pet tracking system which uses GPS technology to keep track of your pet’s movement. By attaching the device to your pet’s collar, owners are able to monitor their pet’s movement from their computers and mobile devices. It allows owners to create a perimeter around any location—so if their furry friend decides to leave the allocated area, the device will send a text message or email to them—informing the owners.” The device costs 99 USD + 7.95 USD per month.

On their website (link>>) they seem to focus a lot on dog owners, but actually, I think this would be even more useful to outdoor cat owners. Since Alfie is 100% indoor cat I can’t find any use for it, although it could be useful sometimes to keep track of Andy :).

Can someone please turn off the Internet now, I’m trying to sleep, thank you very much.