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Considering the ridiculous amount of stuff I buy from the cat shop, they should rename it the Alfie Shop. I paid them a visit this weekend and here’s the result of my very productive shopping session (i.e. 59 euros productive). I did splurge a little, and got Alfie some gourmet food with rabbit to see if he likes it. Here’s what I got him:

  • 3 weeks worth of wet food – mostly chicken, but also some salmon & tuna
  • A bag of chicken dry food. I feed Alfie a mix of wet & dry food. I switched from Schesir to Science Plan a couple of months ago, because it has a higher percentage of meat
  • A bag of rabbit dry food, let’s see if he likes it…
  • Extra filters for the water fountain (check out my post about the fountain here)
  • A cat toy, same one I got him a month ago – he absolutely loved it, but he chewed it so much that it’s completely destroyed
  • As always, I got some freebies – this time 2 mini packs of Royal Canin cat food

 If you’re wondering what he was doing there with the food pack, here’s the answer:


And here’s the result…

As you can see, I finally created a YouTube channel to post some funny videos with Alfie, it would make me very happy if you subscribed :”)

Have a lovely week everyone!