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  • “Cats don’t need wet food” – Alfie’s vet (or I should rather say his ex-vet)

Oh boy, are we seriously falling for this made up story by dry cat food brands? In case you still believe dry food is good for your lovely furry friend, go on and have some biscuits and see how “clean” your teeth feel afterwards. Besides the fact that dry food sticks to cats’ teeth, a 100% dry food diet can also cause serious health issues like diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease, kidney issues and many more (Source: www.catinfo.org). Dry cat food is full of carbohydrates and sucks up all the water they drink, dehydrating the poor cat. I’ve written a more detailed post about cat food before if you’re interested (link>>).

  • Cats are better off outside

Many people don’t realize how dangerous being outdoor really is for cats. The outdoors are full of fun stuff for cats: grass to roll in, birds to chase, trees to climb… but also full of risks: theft, poison, traffic, risk of injury (cars, fights with other cats), contacting disease from other animals, parasites, and cruel people. As I said before (link>>), I’m definitely a supporter of keeping Alfie 100% indoors, however I’m on an ongoing quest to make his indoor experience as fun as possible.

  • Cats love milk

Despite the childhood brainwashing (thank you Tom & Jerry), cats don’t need milk and actually, some cats are even lactose intolerant. So if you want to give your cat a milk treat, either give them special cat-milk or try with just a little bit of milk first and see if it upsets their stomach before giving them a whole glass.

Completely unrelated to the topic, I know, but I had to share with you this picture I took during dinner yesterday. (Yes, that is a paper hat!)

Do yo have any cat-myths to bust? Let me know in the comments.