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No one’s perfect… not even me 🙂 , and as much as I tried to do my research before any big decisions regarding Alfie, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. So here they are, so you don’t have to make them:

  • Tuna addiction: Fish is healthy. Right? Well, it depends. Apparently tuna can become addictive to cats and if consumed too often can cause yellow fat disease. I’ve made a whole blog post about it a while ago, you can read it at this link>>. I used to give Alfie 70% tuna, as he preferred it to chicken. But since I found out about this issue, I’ve completely changed his diet (now mainly based on chicken) and I’m only feeding him tuna once every 3 days.
  • Not keeping an eye on his diet (aka He’s-Not-Fat-He’s-Just-Fluffy syndrome): Despite the fact that I stopped leaving cat food out all day after he was neutered, it took a while for me to figure out the right amount of food to give him. So he’s had his share of beer belly days 🙂 (pics here). After my wake-up call from his vet about his weight and a couple of months on a diet, he’s back to normal.
  • Sudden change of food: Alfie spent his Christmas holiday in a lovely Cat hotel. Although I’m always really careful to change his food gradually, so as not to upset his tummy, I forgot to ask the Cat Hotel people for some extra food of theirs when we got him. BIG mistake! Poor Alfie got sick and poor Oana had to clean up the carpet. 
  • Encourage him to eat chives: I heard cat grass helps hair balls. I thought any grass-y type of herbs would do, so I bought some chives for us, which I also tried to convince Alfie to try. Thank God he didn’t! I found out afterwards that chives, like onions and garlic are toxic for cats! Silly me, almost killed him with my ignorance…

 Have you made any mistake with your pet?