I decided to write today about a topic I have a very strong opinion about: declawing cats. I think declawing is one of the most horrible things you can do to your cat and anyone who cares more about their cat than their carpet / furniture would never have their cat declawed. And those who care more about the furniture than the cat, should never get a pet in the first place. In many countries here in Europe it’s actually illegal, as it’s considered mutilation.

Emotions apart (which is pretty much impossible when I talk about cats), declawing involves amputation surgery and is more complicated than you may think. It requires the removal of the last bone of the cat’s toes (as the claw adheres directly to the bone). Serious surgery means serious & painful recovery (during which the cat still needs to go about their daily business: run, scratch in the litter box, …).

Claws are there for a reason: defence (especially if it’s outdoor cat), catch prey, aid for climbing, exercise (they stretch their muscles using their claws), balance, or mark territory. So if you’re even considering declawing, think how you would live without half of your fingers.

Still, how can you keep your cat’s claws manageable? By clipping them or using Soft Paws (claw caps for the front claws). T trim Alfie’s front claws – I find this video super informative with lots of great tips: link!. As Alfie’s not as calm as the cat in the video, I always trim his nails when he’s sleepy.

What’s your view on declawing?