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It’s become almost a rule now that Alfie prefers to play with his simple & cheap toys than with the more fancy ones I bought from the cat shop. What is it about cinema tickets, straws or aluminium foil balls that makes them so interesting? I don’t know and honestly… I don’t care. (mental note, Oana: remember this next time you’re in the cat shop and you consider buying that 30 euros electric running mouse toy!!)

Anyway, here are a few of the DIY toys me and my boyfriend made for Alfie, hope they’ll give you some recession-friendly ideas to entertain your cat.

Cardboard boxes – good for hiding. Make them more interesting by sticking straws  & dangling toys on them or cutting some holes in the sides

Straws – they came in handy when Alfie was teething and he still loves them

Aluminium foil balls – why pay for mice and plastic balls when you can make your own? I tied one to a piece of string so i can play with him while sitting on the sofa

Crunchy paper – cinema tickets, paper bags, shredded paper (I have loads from my GlossyBoxes) you name it… he loves it

Clothes on the drying rack – he likes to hide in the “jungle”

Plush toys – brought some of my childhood toys and he became best friends with this guy

Raincoat – he’s going crazy for the crunchy noise

Toilet paper – he loves fighting with paper & napkins

Bags – there’s something about bags (small ones, big supermarket ones, paper ones, …) that just makes him super excited

Have you got a DIY cat toy idea? Please leave it in the comments section.