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  • Scratch the carpet (remember my post about the carpet situation Link!)
  • Ignore me when I call him
  • Lie on the bed/couch/chair exactly on the spot I would like to sit
  • Completely ignore the most expensive toys I buy him and play for ages with the most mundane things such as straws or cinema tickets
  • Sleep when I want to play with him
  • Want to play with me when I want to sleep
  • Stop doing really funny things, the minute I turn the camera on 
  • Bite me when I try to pat him (only when he’s in I-Want-to-Play-Right-Now-Mood)
  • Chew my flip-flops
  • Meow & growl like crazy when I’m watching TV
  • … do all of the above and then look at me with puppy (or rather kitten) eyes

Alfie, you know I love you and can’t be genuinely angry at you. But why of why are you even trying then?

One last thing before I go. If you haven’t heard about this iPad app, you definitely have to check it out (link!). I’m now even more excited about getting my new iPad. Anyone tried it yet?