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Dear Twitter,

I’ve been in love with you since we met last August, I really have, but as you’ve now completely filled my free time, I just can’t see how we can continue like this. I’m way behind with my reading. Proper book reading, that is. I’ve got a pile of 6 books I’ve been meaning to read and I haven’t even started 3 of them.

So, Twitter darling, we need to have a break. Don’t worry, it’s not a break up. Let’s just say, our meetings will have to be shorter and less frequent until I catch up with my reading. The first book on my list: The Secret Life of Your Cat by Vicky Halls which Andy’s dad gave me for Christmas (Thanks Rob!).

It looks like a very thorough introduction into the secrets of cat pets, so I’m really looking forward  to it. Hopefully this book will make me a little bit more knowledgeable and my Alfie a little bit more purrrrfect (and probably even more spoiled). I’ll let you know how it goes.



P.S. I’m sorry to break the news here, but I just felt that I couldn’t tell this to you in less than 140 characters.