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So I’ve had a lot of friends tell me my cat is fat. But you know what all pet owners say when they’re in denial about their pet’s weight… “he’s just healthy!”. Yes, that’s exactly what I used to say… until 3 days ago when we took Alfie to the vet for a routine check. And guess what?! Shock-horror: the vet confirmed what my friends’ have been saying for a while: weighing 6 kg, Alfie is officially fat! And apparently that fluffy lump of skin on his belly is more like a beer belly. But that’s fair enough, given that Alfie’s a Beer-Man.

So, if there’s anything I learnt is that if your cat looks fat, he probably is. Apparently, the rule of thumb is: if you can feel his ribs, he’s ok, if not, he’s too fat. Alfie’s got so much fluff going on that I never realized how thin/large his actual body was. So this rule is actually really useful for me.

Judging by this (Link! ) ideal weights per cat breed table, Alfie’s not THAT fat. If he lost half a kilo he should be ok. So, Alfie dear, enjoy your last oversized meal tonight… as of tomorrow, you’re going on a diet!