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My boyfriend works in advertising. He told me his job title is “Creative”?!?!. Basically, he gets paid for going for long walks during work hours, drinking lots of beer for lunch! with his bosses, and writing random words on his Moleskin. He’s got a tough life. And me… I obviously chose the wrong job.

Which brings me to a funny little thing I came across recently: “Toronto-based ad agency John St. knows what the people want, and it’s not commercials. It’s cat videos. In this parody video, the agency who brought us the viral sensation “Pink Ponies: A Case Study” is now turning its attention to another animal, one that has effectively taken over the Internet: Cats. That’s right: Fluffy, funny and adorable cats.” (Source: time.com)

It may be a parody, but if you ask me, it’s not a bad idea at all. Wouldn’t a-cat-in-every-ad make ads little bit less annoying?