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Here’s a diary of my thoughts before and after Alfie went to the cat hotel, aka Pet & Breakfast Amsterdam.


Will he be ok? Will he like it? Will he eat? What if he eats too much? Hope he won’t fight with other cats. If he does, hope he’s the bully rather than the bullied. I’m sure he’ll be fine. No, I’m not. I’m worried. He’s just a cat. I should focus on my Christmas holiday and not think about it so much. I’ll call them again to check on him. They say he’s ok. Back to packing my stuff. What if he will make friends there and won’t want to come back home? Will he recognize me when I pick him up? I should have packed his water fountain with him. I’ll call them again tomorrow. No, they’ll think I’m a crazy cat lady. I am a crazy cat lady. Oana, focus on packing. It’s 2am already.

Update after 2 days: I emailed them to check on Alfie and everything seems to be ok:

Hello Oana,

Thank you for your email. Alfie is doing very good! He walks around like it’s his kennel and eats our food.

Our keeper says it’s a true Birman 😉

With kind regards,

Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam


Relieved. And quite happy. I did it, we did it! He recognized us (picked him up with my boyfriend). It wasn’t that bad at all. Plus, Alfie’s super extra affectionate now, purring non stop and being all sweet and adorable. This is actually a pretty good solution for when we’re away. The place is way better than I thought: there are a few rooms, each housing about 10 cats; there are cages on the left and right side of the room, but cats can go in and out whenever they feel like it. They have lots of scrathching posts and toys in the room. I also liked the people there. I shouldn’t have worried so much…

Details of the cat hotel:

Dierenopvangcentrum Amsterdam
Ookmeerweg 271, Amsterdam, NL


I paid 115 euros for an 8 day stay, which includes the food, a 24 euro contribution for their animal shelter and one-way Animal taxi (they pick-up your pet by car so you don’t have to go there in person).