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Alfie’s Christmas holiday has already started: today, at 2.45 pm the Animal Taxi lady came and forced him into the cat carrier and took him to the Cat Hotel. I tried to lure him in with some tuna treats, but it didn’t work, so the heartless lady forced him in the box. He was fighting and barking!! and meowing and crying… He was so miserable and upset., it broke my heart… Of course I called them 1h later and they reassured me he was fine and the lady said they had a cuddling session when he got there. Oh, my charming fluffy monster… the Cat Hotel people are going to fall in love with him. I’m sure the other cats will get jealous. I can already imagine him in the center and all the other cats lined up and trying to fluff their fluff to try to be him. In case any of them gets jealous, they’re in for a surprise: his claws are super sharp, as I specifically did not clip them in the last 2 weeks.

Kind of pointless, but here’s the letter I wrote to the Cat Hotel people…

Merry Xmas everyone!