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 If you could choose any job in the world, and money was no issue, what would be your dream job? I would be a Cat Friend. You would call me, and book 1 or more hours of my time. I would then come by to your place with my Cat Friend Toolbox containing tuna, catnip, squeaky mice in various sizes, laser pointers, aluminium foil balls, and cat tunnels.  Besides playing, I would also perform other pleasurable activities for your cat, while you can enjoy your other important, non-cat related activities. I would pet your cat for hours. Hours and hours and hours, until your cat gets fed up of being petted. I would then use various Fun Enhancers from my toolbox: straws, dangling birds, fluffy mice, … and treat your cat with organic low-fat treats and lots of tuna.

Are you interested? You know where to find me: a_purrfect_cat@yahoo.com