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Alfie’s first kitten-sitting experience went well… meaning, when I got home after 3 days away from him, he was… there… at the top of the stairs, meowing and being all sweet and affectionate. I don’t expect much more from my kitten-sitting friends. I mean, sure, I would love it if they also played with him once in a while (which I know they did) but as long as they feed him / clean his litter / make sure he does not run away, I’m happy. Despite the fact that I was not there while they were staying over, I think I was a pretty good host: I called them twice a day to check if they’re enjoying themselves in Amsterdam and gave them some tips on what to do and where to go (of course, the real reason was to find out if Alfie was ok).

Half for Alfie, half for me (good preparation = less stress), I’ve put together this guide to cat-sit my Alfie.

Alfie – user manual 

Serious kitten

  • Please make sure you do NOT open both doors at the same time: the apartment’s door and the door downstairs – he might run away.
  • Please do not open the windows – at all
  • Please make sure there are no small objects on the floor which he might swallow (such as earrings)
  • Please don’t give him any human food at all, or make sure he cannot get to it, especially onions, chocolate & nuts – they are toxic and can kill him
  • Food: please feed him half a can in the evening (around 9pm) and half a can in the morning (around 8am). Please keep the open can in the fridge.
  • Please fill in the dry food twice a day, with about ¼ of the amount in the plastic box
  •  If he is scratching the carpet or the sofa/curtains, please take him and put him near the scratching post, or take a toy and distract him
  •  Litter: please clean the litter every evening
  •  Do not play with him with your hands (but use one of his toys) (when he’s in Play mode he tends to bite)
  •  In case of emergency: call the animal ambulance: 0900 900, then  please call me (he’s got a chip, so they should get all the details from the chip). You can also call the vet:  123 000 

It may be a bit over the top, but a special kitten like mine deserves an over the top treatment, right?

Hope you’ve found this list somewhat useful. See you next time!