Dear Karma,

The fact that I come from Transylvania does not imply I should have a vampire kitten, thank you very much….

… or does this double canines situation simply mean that my kitten is teething?!? Do cats even teethe?

After a fair bit of research I found out that kittens do teethe, starting at 4 months, until they are about 7 (when their grown up teeth are fully grown). Adult cats have 30 teeth: 12 incisors, 4 canines, 10 premolars and 4 molars. Baby teeth rarely shed with roots so, you may see rootless crowns lying on the floor. Because it’s very common for kittens to accidentally swallow their baby teeth, don’t expect to find too many. Actually, I only found one: (I wonder if kids get the Tooth Fairy, do kittens get the Tooth Mouse?)


Does teething hurt kittens? Cats have quite high pain threshold, so teething won’t bother them too much unless they get a gum infection (you would notice bad breath and a very red line across the gum line near to the teeth). If you see that your kitten is bothered by teething and starts chewing things, you can give him a fluffy toy, straws!, or hard cat food to chew on. Never ever feed them bones, as the bone shards can cut their stomachs open. I also gave Alfie a Philips Avent baby teether – thanks my dear friend Pravini! He was scared of it in the beginning and now he just ignores it, so no success there… 

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Seriously, Oana, a baby teether?!? Slap some sense into me, please!