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I semi-hate it when people celebrate every single month in the first year of their baby’s life or of their relationship. But hey, ho, if you can’t beat them, join them! So, as a present for Alfie’s 6 months anniversary, I will offer him… you know… let’s just call it… The Fix.

Appointment at the vet… DONE!

No food after 6pm… DONE! (in solidarity with him, I didn’t have any dinner myself)

Acting like nothing special is going to happen tomorrow… DONE!

Me not stressing out… work-in-progress… (but it’s pointless to hope I’ll be any more zen than this before The Fix)

So I guess we’re all set. I just hope I will manage to get him in the cat carrier easily. I’m not kidding! Last time it took 3 girls, 30 minutes and 50 different strategies to put him in that carrier. (I guess he just didn’t want to leave my friend’s place) I’ve left the cat carrier open today and managed to lure him in with toys. It seems to work, but fingers crossed for tomorrow (I’m not the most patient person in the morning).

Come back to see how it went.