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I am sure you have worked out by now this is a pretty boring post… it’s about litter. Yep, that’s about it.

Each cat has his own litter preference. You might think you found the perfect litter, but your cat may just refuse to use it. To somehow trick your cat into using it, always make litter changes smooth (add an extra 1/3 of the new litter every time you change it). There are a lot of litter types, but the main ones are:

  • Clumping: it absorbs liquid waste (a.k.a. pee) by forming clumps which can be removed easy. Another good thing about it is that you don’t need to replace as often as the non-clumping one. ASPCA advises against using clumping litter for young kittens (<4 months) as the health risks are higher in case of ingestion.
  • Clay based (clumping or non clumping): the most popular and cheap litter type. However, it’s the one that seems to have been associated with all kind of health problems (especially the ones with Sodium Bentonite), including cancer & intestinal blockage (due to the chemicals in it which you & your cat breathe in through dust).
  • Silica / Crystal: don’t be fooled by the name – this ain’t Swarovski, but plain sand. I told you this was a boring post. Crystal litter doesn’t clump but it does keep odor well under control. It is highly absorbent and only needs to be replaced once per month. What’s the catch? Some vets say it’s not healthy for both you and your cat.
  • Natural or biodegradable: pine, wheat, peanut shells, paper, corn cobs…  It can be flushed and is super eco-friendly. It’s the safest option for cat’s health (especially if your cat has asthma). The downside? Price… Although, on the long-run, it can be as expensive as a non-clumping clay one which you need to change every few days.

Which one did I choose? I started with non clumping clay (the one Alfie had in his first home) and then changed to Oko Cat’s best pine litter. It’s flushable (=super convenient!), completely neutralizes odors, lasts ages and most importantly, Alfie loves it. Also, it’s not so heavy, which makes it easy to carry home. The (very annoying) downside: the trailing… oh, this litter goes everywhere and I need to broom around the litter box every day. I will get a tracking mat this weekend so I hope it will partly solve the issue. Read a lot of reviews (Link!) before deciding on it and it really seems to be the best one out there.

You can find some more detailed info on cat litter here (Link!)or here (Link!). Oh, you may want to read my thoughts on litter trays from one of my previous posts: Link!

To try to make this post semi interesting I just wanted to share with you a very cool website where you can make funky collages based on your choice of colors or keywords: http://labs.ideeinc.com/. Here’s my summer colors collage:

 … and of course, my kitten collage:

Have a great weekend everyone!