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Let’s not beat around the bush here. This post is an excuse to show off Alfie’s water fountain.  

Cats don’t feel thirst (in the wild, they get water in through their prey). That’s why they don’t drink enough water from water bowls. Water fountains are fun and stimulate cats to drink more, as it reminds them of rivers in their ancestors’ natural environment (same reason cats are crazy about running tap/shower water). Getting  water fountain is one of the best & easiest things you can do to keep your cat healthy. Hydration minimizes the risk of developing urinary tract infections, kidney failures, and constipation, helps flush the toxins out, and makes their fur fluffy, soft & shiny.

There are many types & brands (dome shaped, 360 degrees,…) and they all come with filters (which need to be changed every couple of months). I have a dome shaped one from Cat-it. So, here is the famous water fountain in all its glory…

This concludes my first post in the Cat Gadgets category. Many more to come 🙂