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All of you pet owners out there would agree – picking a name for your pet is not an easy task. A task which was, as you can imagine, the subject of a big debate in our couple. We each had our name preferences and ideas, but at least we agreed it should be a cool, trendy flendy one. Because the name of your pet says a lot about you as well. To begin with, we excluded all cheesy names like Candy, Puppet, or Teddy Bear. And we had a big preference for a short name ending in -y (cats respond better to names ending in -E/Y/IE).

When it comes to pet names, some people go for a traditional one (which usually describes the cat’s personality or a certain feature): Bailey, Misty or Fluffy.  What’s the most popular cat name? Max. (Source: link!) Other popular names for cats are Sassy, Misty, Princess, Samantha, and Lucy, (for females) and Max, Sam, Simba, Charlie, and Oliver (for males). Fashion, movies, art, or famous cities also inspire pet owners with names like Casper, Buffy, Tony, Bronte, Ginger Spice, Chanel, Bangkok. (Source: link!) After a brainstorming session between me & myself I shared with Andy my shortlist:

  • Alfie (loved that movie!)
  • Baloo
  • Mowgli
  • Charlie
  • Darcy
  • Pablo
  • Oliver
  • Pisi (from the Romanian ‘pisica’ = cat)
  • Joey
  • Jazz
  • Gatsby
  • Henri
  • Leo
  • Zorro
  • Zuzu (my favourite Romanian milk brand)

Here are a few websites I used as inspiration:

We both liked Alfie the most. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… ALFIE the kitten. He is at least as handsome as Jude Law, isn’t he?!?!