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Next on my list of preparations for the Big Day (when we bring the kitten home) – setting up all the stuff I bought (see my previous post). So here we go:

  • Scratching post: Cats needs to scratch, so the more attractive you make the scratching post, the least they are likely to scratch in “illegal” places. Also, they can be very fussy about where their scratching post and litter boxes are. Cats have some favourite scratching times: after a meal or a nap, to say hi when you come home and when they want to mark their territory. Which means that if you put the scratching post near those places and make it attractive (separate blog post on that coming up) your cat will be more likely to use it. Ideally, you should get more than one and put them around their sleeping basket, food area, near the house entrance, and in areas with high traffic.
  • Litter box: they say it’s best to have a litter box / cat plus one (so I should get 2). I only got one, I’ll see how that works and maybe get another one later. The litter box should be placed in a private, quiet location (cats like their privacy), away from their food dish. Also, they should be able to access it easily: so don’t place it somewhere where you might close the door by mistake, or up the stairs (kittens and older cats might find it too difficult to reach and not use it). I put mine on one side of the kitchen island (the only open place without carpet on the floor), which is also near the window (so easier to throw the used litter in the bin outside the window).

  • Food & water tray: needs to be put away from the litter tray. I put mine on the other side of the kitchen island.

  • Sleeping basket: cats generally wont sleep where YOU want them to, but where THEY wish. So it may be that they won’t even use the sleeping basket. You can put a blanket in the basket to make it more comfortable. I could not find specific tips on the best location of the sleeping basket, I guess it really depends on where you would prefer your cat to sleep (in/outside your bedroom). I put the sleeping basket in our open attic above the kitchen/living room (cats like high places, so at least he can stay there and peak down even if he won’t sleep in it).

  •  Toys: You can never have enough cat toys (also true for shoes, bags, make up and tea). Hang them, hide them, scatter them around your place and your cat will play for hours.

Hope you found this useful. I’ll see you in my next post. Ciao!