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It didnt sink in right away… but one day after the Lewis adventure I started to wonder more and more if I should get a kitten myself. My mind was full of questions…

    • Why do I even want a kitten?
    • Does my schedule allow me to have enough quality time for his/her? (play, food, groom, cleaning up)
    • How much travelling does my lifestyle involve?
    • What will I do with the cat when I’m away?
    • Can I afford having a cat? (initial cost, food, litter, vet bills!, …)
    • Do I care too much about my antique chairs, my plants, having a few things broken, or shoes eaten?
    • Am I (or my boyfriend) allergic to cats?
    • Am I willing to give up my night’s rest (sometimes)?
    • Wouldn’t I prefer a dog?
    • Will I love him/her when they grow up and won’t be as cute and or as playful as when they are kitten?
    • Does my landlord allow me to have pets?
    • I can’t even take care of my plants (they usually last for 3 months), will I be able to be able to take care of my kitten?

Your life will never be the same once you have a cat, and given that some cats live up to 20 years, getting a kitten shouldn’t be an impulse buying decision. I think each future pet owner should have a honest conversation first with him/herself and then with his/her house mates. The last thing you want is to realize this kitten thing was just a fad. Or to have to give your kitten to a shelter only a few weeks after you got them.

The main thing that kept me from saying yes! immediately was that because I never had any pets before (except 2 turtles when I was 10), I didn’t really know what to expect. And I love HAVE to know what to expect. You can tell me you’re gonna quit your job and move to the other side of the Galaxy, but man, tell me in advance and I’ll be ok. I’ll even support you. Over the last few years, I’ve come to realize that good research is the key to a healthier, happier, and less stressed-out me. This was the beginning of my never ending research about cat breeds, kitten food brands, litter types, and all the other exciting (and I really mean it) topics that I’m going to be sharing with you here.

There is not really any objective reason to get a cat. I mean, they’re not going to protect you/your house, make you dinner or take you on a surprise weekend break to Paris. Instead, they will wreck your place (some more than others), ask YOU for dinner and wake you up in the middle of the night. But then, who cares about objective reasons? Aren’t the best decisions in life the ones you took with your heart? Aren’t emotions, THE reason the world goes round? Who wouldn’t like a cute little face to greet them when they come home or cuddle them when they watch TV (or rather be the TV)?

 It took me 3 days and 3 nights (especially nights!) to decide. I sleep over it again, and again, and again and by Wednesday evening I knew: I desperately wanted to get a kitten!

What convinced you to get a cat?