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Sunday morning, about to go shopping… As I was going downstairs, I saw this little face outside our window. I knocked on the window and he turned around. Hello Kitty!

Kitten found outside our window

Kitten found outside our window

As I opened the window, he came toward me and started nudging my hand with his head. I looked around, but there were only roof tiles around and I could not see any window nearby, so I couldn’t figure out where he came from. After I gave him some fresh water I decided to take him inside in a safe place. As boyfriend and I live in the very center of Amsterdam, my neighbours are fast food restaurants and coffeeshops rather than houses. After a few minutes of shyness, he got used to our place and started running around, exploring our place. I went and bought him some cat food and some litter. Now what?

Keeping him was an option, but a selfish one… so here I was, armed with the kitten’s picture on my phone, checking with the Amsterdam tourist shop owner, the not very sober coffeeshop (yes, THAT kind of coffeeshop) sales assistant, my stoned neighbour next door and a few other places. No one knew anything. By now, I was getting quite excited about our new flatmate. I even started calling him names (Garfield, Pablo, Ginger). I thought I’d give it a last chance and if not… then he was meant to be ours. I put a note in the mailbox in the apartments near our place, secretly hoping no one would reply. We had some serious bonding going on after only a few hours together.

 But, a few hours later, his owner called and she took him home. His name was Lewis and was 4 months old. She was very happy to see he was safe, and was very grateful. Bye bye Lewis, hope I see you again…

What would you have done if you were me?